Condition of Gregg Allman Unknown; Family Statements On His Returning Home Have Been Denied & Removed

by VVN Music

Yesterday, we posted a story on Gregg Allman heading home from the hospital after being treated for an unknown illness that caused him to cancel his tour dates through mid-October.

A statement, attributed to his daughter Brooklyn, had been published by the Bill Graham organization on Facebook and on other sites, and Gregg's son, Devon, had a post on his Facebook page showing his father drinking a milkshake, which had been referenced in the original statement.

Today, we receive a note from Brooklyn Allman stating that she had not released any news on her father. In addition, the post that was on Devon's page has been removed.

We can only assume that there has been an effort by some party to release a false statement on behalf of Gregg's daughter; however, it is unclear if Devon has removed a post that he made or if his account was hacked.

Bottom line, we do not know the current situation with Gregg Allman. We have reached out to both Brooklyn and Devon for statements.

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