Charlie Daniels Digs Deep Into His Western Roots For Album of Cowboy Songs

by VVN Music

Charlie Daniels is a brand new member of the Country Music Hall of Fame even though he spent much of his earlier career playing music much closer to Marshall Tucker and the Outlaws then Conway Twitty and Randy Travis (a fellow inductee this year).

On August 26, Daniels will lean just a little more country with Night Hawk, his tribute to the great western cowboy, one that Charlie says has been misrepresented over the years.
Most of our concepts about cowboys, and all things western, are mostly derived from movies and TV. Well, the truth of the matter is, the real cowboys are not glow in the dark characters who go around fighting rustlers and cleaning out saloons with their fists. The actual working cowboy is a hard working, different breed who spend endless hours in the saddle and as Louis L’Amour said, they ‘ride for the brand.’ Night Hawk is a tribute to the working cowboy and his way of life.
While there are a few well known cowboy laments on the album, Daniels dug deep to find some rarities to include in the track list:
  • Big Balls In Cowtown
  • Billy The Kid
  • Night Hawk
  • Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)
  • Goodnight Loving Trail
  • (Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend
  • Running With The Crowd
  • Old Chisholm Trail
  • Can’t Beat The Damned Ole Machine
  • Yippie Ki Yea
Presale for the new album begins on Monday.

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