Trump Makes Rock Star Entrance to "We Are the Champions"; Brian May Previously Denied Use

by VVN Music

Donald Trump just doesn't care.

A number of artists have either told Trump and the Republican National Committee not to use their music in their campaign but, last night, they did it anyway.

Last month, Queen's Brian May wrote about Trump's use of We Are the Champions during a victory speech, saying that permission was "neither sought nor given". He also stated that it has always been the band's policy to not allow their music to be used in political campaigns.

That didn't stop Trump and the GOP from once again using We Are the Champions at Monday's opening night of the Republican Convention, complete with rock star lighting.

The Twitterverse was also abuzz over the use of the song with many pointing out that Freddie Mercury was gay, a group which is not exactly viewed favorably by the GOP and in their platform.

We Are the Champions wasn't the first song to stir controversy during the convention's opening day. Earlier, the Turtles' Happy Together was played throughout the venue prompting the band's Howard Kalan to post "We never approved this use. Now we call the lawyers."

Update (7/19/2016, 4:00 PM ET)
Queen have posted a single line in reference to We Are the Champions on both Twitter and Facebook:
An unauthorised use at the Republican Convention against our wishes - Queen

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