Set List: Pet Shop Boys Pull Out Some Rarities In Their First Royal Opera House Show

by VVN Music

It's been almost a year since the Pet Shop Boys last hit a concert stage but they came back in style on Wednesday night with the first of four shows at London's Royal Opera House.

With the recent release of their latest album, Super, it would be expected that the band would feature a number of tracks, which they did, playing five songs from the set, but what was truly amazing is they also played at least one track off of eleven of their twelve other studio albums. The truly career spanning set only excluded music from their 1990 album Behavior.

They also pulled out a few rarities that they hadn't played in a few years including Love Comes Quickly, which had been on the shelf since 2010, Winner (since 2012) and both Home and Dry and The Sodom and Gomorrah Show which hadn't been in a set in almost a decade.

The set list:

Main Set
  • Inner Sanctum (from Super, 2016)
  • West End Girls (from Please, 1986)
  • The Pop Kids (from Super, 2016)
  • In the Night (b-side of single Opportunity (Let's Make Lots of Money), 1985)
  • Burn (from Super, 2016)
  • Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (from Electric, 2013)
  • New York City Boy (from Nightlife, 1999)
  • Se A Vida É (That's The Way Life Is) (from Bilingual, 1996)
  • Twenty-Something (from Super, 2016)
  • Love Comes Quickly (from Please, 1986)
  • Love Etc. (from Yes, 2009)
  • The Dictator Decides (from Super, 2016)
  • Inside a Dream (from Electric, 2013)
  • Winner (from Elysium, 2016)
  • Home and Dry (from Release, 2002)
  • Vocal (from Electric, 2013)
  • The Sodom and Gomorrah Show (from Fundamental, 2006)
  • It's a Sin (from Actually, 1987)
  • Left to My Own Devices (from Introspective, 1988)
  • Go West (from Very, 1993)
  • Domino Dancing (from Introspective, 1988)
  • Always on My Mind (from Introspective, 1988)
  • The Pop Kids (from Super, 2016)

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