Review: "Make Some Noise" - The Dead Daisies

by Joe McIndoe,

The Dead Daisies promotional material for latest album, Make Some Noise, promised an experience that will “hit their listeners’ autonomic nervous system,[and] immediately take root in their hearts and souls”.

An ambitious statement you will surely agree? But, with some rambunctious rock and a classic vibe The Dead Daisies go a long way to delivering.

Lead track Long Way to Go sets the album’s pace. The guitars squeal and scream, the drums boom, and the croaky voiced singer, John Corabi roars his distaste for the current state of the modern world.

The band founded by guitarist David Lowy, has clearly gone for a massive, solid and uncompromising sound. Whether it’s the big drums beating down on your ears, or guitars bulldozing their way into your head, it’s all about instant gratification.

Mine All Mine and Song And A Prayer prove to be some of the best musical interludes. Essentially, if you haven’t thought about strumming it like Slash, bashing it like, Grohl, or moshing to it like a maniac, then the 12 track LP hasn’t done its job.

Lyrical themes are very much in the spirit of good old rock ‘n’ roll. Freedom puts the pedal to the medal, Last Time I Saw the Sun lives out the rough-and-tumble of an old school rocker, How Does It Feel rips into a loathsome loser, and Song And A Prayer serves as an anthem for the disillusioned and the downtrodden.

Things are often kept simple, but there’s just enough peeved rebellion carried off in the lyrics so as to maintain your much deserved right to unleash your mosh pit monster.

Surprisingly, it’s the times when the album opts for outright mimicry that proceedings fall flat. An overblown version of John Fogerty's Fortunate Son, only really serves to remind the listener that the original author [in conjunction with the aforementioned Dave Grohl], does a far better version.

Nevertheless, this is a successful offering.

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