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Prince Drummer John Blackwell Loses Use of Left Arm and Leg

by VVN Music

John Blackwell, the drummer who played for twelve years with Prince along with a number of other notable artists, has been hospitalized in Japan after losing the use of his left arm and leg.

He posted late last week:
While in Japan for Nik feat John Blackwell, I lost function of my left arm and leg, I was taken to the hospital for test, the diagnosed 2 brain tumors, just want everyone to know that im gonna beat this, After all ive been through and all these past couple of years, there is no way im gonna quit or give up or lay down now book of job, no matter keep thinking jesus, pray for me. I love you all

I ain't done yet!!!!! I will return
Details are still emerging on Blackwell's health situation. John's wife, Yaritza, is regularly updating Twitter and Instagram and has said that he will stay in the hospital in Japan for about a week before flying home where he will continue his treatment.

John took to Facebook to dispel rumors that he has brain cancer:
As many of you may be aware, I am in the process of getting tested for what the doctors think may be tumors in my brain. They are doing more testing and I have not been diagnosed with brain cancer as some may have been lead to believe. I do not want family and friends to be frightened by any rumors but I will not be able to talk with everyone nor will I be able to communicate daily through social media. ... I thank all of you for your love, support and prayers and will be up and funking in the very near future!
Earlier on Tuesday, Yaritza reported:
This Yaritza, John began physical therapy for his leg, all that to stabilize him, so he can travel back home. Thank you for your prayers, and donations.
A gofundme page has been set up to help pay Blackwell's medical and living expenses while he recovers. To donate, go to gofundme.

Blackwell, 42, has had a long history of working with great artists. At 17, he became the drummer for Billy Eckstein followed by three years with Cameo followed by Patti LaBelle before joining Prince's New Power Generation in 2000. In 2006, he toured with Justin Timberlake in support of the album FutureSex/LoveSounds and, later, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly, D'Angelo as a member of the Vanguard and William "Bootsy" Collins as part of Bootsy's Rubber Band.