Primus Drummer Tim Alexander Suffers Second Heart Attack

by VVN Music

Tim Alexander, the drummer for Primus, has suffered his second heart attack in three years.

Alexander, 51, told his Instagram followers:
I had a second heart attack the other day. I did not think this could happen after having a triple bypass almost exactly 2 years ago. I was overwhelmed with sadness, not because of the fact that I could die but that I would have to say goodbye to my family. It can happen at any moment, and remember IT WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY so tell the people in your life you love them. Enjoy the days you have with them, they are limited. We are all here for a short time.
He followed a few hours later with "Thank you all for the love. I am home and doing well. Just taking it easy."

Alexander originally joined Primus in 1989 as a replacement for Jay Lane and stayed through 1996 when he left to make two albums with Laundry and play on other projects. He returned after the band's early-2000 hiatus, leaving again from 2010 to 2013.

Tim had his first heart attack on July 18, 2014 but was back behind the set when the band opened their Primus and the Chocolate Factory tour on October 22 of that same year.

Alexander has recorded eight albums with Primus, three with Puscifer, two each with Laundry and Attention Deficit and one with A Perfect Circle, Fata Morgana and Into the Presence.

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