Michelle Shocked Pulled Out of Show Than Tries to Play Anyway, Gets Into Twitter War With Former Partner

by VVN Music

Michelle Shocked appears to have once again gone off the deep end.

The newest incident seems very similar to one in March 2013. During a show at Yoshi's in San Francisco, the plug was pulled on her amplifier after going off on a number of anti-gay tirades. A scheduled show later in the week at McCabe's in Santa Monica, CA was cancelled as was another at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz; however, for the latter appearance, she still showed up and played outside the club.

Recently, Shocked has found that she has been, once again, able to book shows and went out on the road with musical collaborator Josh Chambers but, before a show at the Putnam Den in Saratoga, NY, she had a falling out with her partner which lead to the show being cancelled and tickets refunded.

Chambers agreed to play at the club anyway for a free show but Shocked showed up at the venue, got into Josh's jeep and began playing music. The police were called and she forced to vacate the vehicle but that led to her hanging a banner in an alley outside of the Putnam Den and begin putting on her own show. Shocked continued until the venue's owner turned on music to overpower her.

That evening and the next day, Shocked and Chambers got into a Twitter war with an abundance of personal attacks from both sides. Josh finally blinked first, stating that he "just can't respond in a civil matter" and deleted his account. Since then, Shocked's Twitter account has been suspended although it is not clear why.

Shocked has since put up her response to all of the reporting on the situation on her website. She stated that she was told that, if she entered the club, she would be charged with trespassing and that she was simply "occupying" her own concert by putting on an "art project" in the alley by the club. She also details some earlier conflicts she had with Chambers that led up to the parting.

That brings us to today. Another show at the Putnam Den on July 21 has been cancelled as has a July 23 appearance at the Newbury Music Hall. Starting August 4, she is scheduled to play daily at the New Town Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland through the end of the month.

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