L.A. District Attorney Rejects Dr. Dre Gun Case

by Music-News.com Newsdesk

Lawmakers in Los Angeles have opted not to prosecute Dr. Dre following a bizarre road rage incident on Monday.

The hip hop mogul found himself in a peculiar showdown with an irate man who blocked the star's driveway with his car.

The angry driver filed paperwork with the police accusing Dr. Dre, real name Andre Romelle Young, of pulling a gun on him during their altercation, but according to TMZ, authorities at the District Attorney's office have dismissed the accusations, choosing not to pursue litigation for lack of sufficient evidence.

Dr. Dre found himself in handcuffs right in front of his Malibu, California home on Monday after officers were called to the mansion by the unnamed motorist, who phoned 911 claiming someone was threatening him with a gun. Insiders claim the whole drama went down after the angry driver pulled off the Pacific Coast Highway and parked his car right in front of Dre's house, prompting the rapper to ask the man to move his vehicle.

The motorist did so reluctantly, allegedly cussing and spewing out bigoted and racist remarks, including: "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun", before phoning emergency services. When sheriff's deputies arrived, they cuffed The Chronic hitmaker, patted him down, and then let him go after no gun was found on his person or nearby.

However, the motorist was still emphatic a crime had been committed, and insisted on making a citizen's arrest. He filed an official complaint, which representatives at the DA's office reviewed before deciding to reject the possibility of pursuing legal proceedings on Wednesday.

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