Estate of Randy California Files Appeal in Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" Case

by VVN Music

The estate of the late-Randy California of Spirit has filed an appeal of the jury decision in the Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven plagiarism case.

At the beginning of their career, Led Zeppelin opened for the group Spirit. At the time, Spirit had a new album that included the instrumental track Taurus which they performed in concert during the tour.

While guitarist Randy California was aware of a certain amount of similarity between Taurus and Stairway to Heaven, he never pursued any action but, after his death, Randy's estate began a lawsuit against Robert Plant and Jimmy Page who are credited with writing the song.

Over a couple of years, the sides battled back and forth, ending with a trial earlier in 2016 where the jury found in favor of Plant and Page. The two artists and their record company have since filed a suit against California's estate to recoup $800,000 in legal fees spent on defending the suit.

There are no details as of now on the grounds for the appeal. A hearing is scheduled for August 8.

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