Choreographer Wade Robson Calls on the Michael Jackson Estate to Release Gag Agreements With Possibly Abused Boys

by VVN Music

Wade Robson, the choreographer and director who has appeared on his own MTV show and So You Think You Can Dance, has made a new move in his suit against the estate of Michael Jackson.

Robson filed suit against the estate in 2013, alleging that he had been a protege of Jackson between the ages of 7 and 14 during which time the singer had sexually abused him. The civil trial is expected to start in March of next year.

During the 90's and 2000's, Jackson fought a number of accusations that Jackson had abused young boys that had spent time at his Neverland Ranch. In 2005, he stood trial on charges but was acquitted of all counts. Still, over these years, there were a few cases where the singer reportedly paid large sums of cash in exchange for an agreement of silence.

Those payouts are the focus of Robson and his lawyers focus. Lead council, John C. Manly of Manly, Stewart and Finaldi said that they would like the Jackson estate to release the families involved from their confidentiality agreements so they can tell their story. "If Michael Jackson truly had nothing to hide, then the Jackson Estate should have nothing to fear from allowing the families they paid off to speak out freely."

Manly has sent a letter to the Jackson estate, pointing out that it is "illegal to make a child sex abuse settlement confidential" and that "many large institutions in the business of protecting children have publicly released alleged victims from their confidentiality obligations when child molestation allegations have been settled."

"It is widely recognized that only in secrecy can child sex abuse flourish and continue."

The full letter can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

This is just a publicity stunt. Robson's lawyers should already know that any settlement paid by Jackson during his life is not binding once he has died and so any 'victims' would be already able to speak freely. Since they presumably know this and are deliberately making an issue of the settlements in their press release it is clear this has been released to attract press attention and further taint Jackson's image. Many readers won't know that the settlement is a non-issue and will incorrectly believe people are not allowed to speak under the (already expired) gag order. Certainly the Chandler settlement expired as soon as Jackson died and it is freely available on the net for all to see. Again this is in an effort to attract a settlement payment for themselves.
The DA in the 1993 and 2003 cases against Jackson launched international searches for victims at those times and none came forward. The so-called victims that were found testified for the defence that Jackson never abused them....including Wade. His career is over and Robson is just trying to force the hand of the Jackson Estate to make a settlement...he only launched his accusation against Jackson after being sacked from producing the Cirque Du Soleil tribute to Jackson.

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that Robson's recently changed his lawyer as his case against Jackson was going nowhere.
His previous lawyers tactic of leaking negative information to the media (usually RadarOnline) to coincide with every Jackson-related landmark (birthday, product release, anniversary of death etc) has been ongoing for years. Wade wants a settlement and is trying to pile pressure on the Michael Jackson Estate by using the media against them.

The recent stories on RadarOnline were a classic example of dragging up police report released for over a decade, lying about the evidence it contains, photoshopping images to make them look incriminating and also including photos that weren't even photographed until 5 years AFTER they were supposedly seized from Neverland. The annotations on the document were a dead giveaway that it came from Wade's camp.

If they had a case they wouldn't need to stoop to creating false media stories.
It's also worth pointing out that Wade's new lawyer is a typical ambulance chasing "no win, no fee" type lawyer.
Kinda sums it all up doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

By the lawyer's own admission it is not possible for Jackson or his Estate to keep a settlement confidential:

"As I'm sure you are aware, California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1002 clearly states it is illegal to make a child sex abuse settlement confidential. Obviously any settlement for the alleged molestation of a little child cannot as a matter of law be kept confidential."

Yet in the same letter the lawyer suggests that is exactly what Jackson or his team have done.
During the 2005 trial it was revealed that TWO settlements were paid by Jackson, and ONE of the settlement documents were officially released. It states that Jackson DID NOT admit the accusation. It also states that the settlement DOES NOT prevent the Chandlers cooperating with a police investigation or criminal trial, indeed any settlement seeking to prevent cooperation with law inforcement would not be legally enforceable. I have never managed to get myhands on the other settlement document but it is likely to say the same. In any case the settlement was null and void as soon as Jackson died.

the letter states that Robson wants to break the silence and wants Jacksn's Estate to release details of settlements but there never was any silence - according to official court filings in this case his previous lawyers ALREADY received details of settlements back in 2014! Robson's new lawyer is trying this case in the media.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, Wade Robson and his lawyers want all this stuff out in the open right????
So why in 2013 did Robson's team try to keep everything in private???

They filed this in court

"Claimant therefore requests that, for the purposes of filing his Under Seal Pleadings, the Court grant his Motion to File Under Seal and order that these documents be filed under seal pursuant to CRC 2.550 and 2.551. Claimant believes that good cause exists to allow the filings of these documents under seal, and that this request has been tailored in a manner to be as unobtrusive as possible in order to protect the privacy interests of DOES 1, 2 and 3..."

Claimant = Robson.
DOES 1,2 and 3 = Michael Jackson Estate, MJJ Productions, and MJJ Ventures.

so at that time he wanted to protect the privacy interests of the Jackson Estate. He wanted to keep it private to encourage a quick settlement. They were saying "settle now and we'll keep this quiet". Jackson's Estate obviously refused and so Wade has been trying to kick up a media shot storm ever since.

Anonymous said...

This letter was released via PRNewswire. Says it all really.

Brandon Penny said...

Victim fishing. Someone should tell them Sneddon already did this. Multiple times actually. In 1993. In 2003-2005. Though they might hope the promise of money might be more effective in making "victims" suddenly "remember" or "realize" abuse.

Australia. I guess they are still hoping for Brett to turn. Marocco. Omer? LOL. Good luck with that.

They don't have a case, so they try to make a settlement happen by lisiting many "victims" and by blowing it big in the media.

They are obviously hoping that with the promise of winning a lot of money they can create many "victims". Enough to put so much pressure on the Estate that they would settle the case.

Initially Rovbson wanted to get his case sealed citing the privacy interests of the defendants as a reason. Ie. he wanted secrecy. Now that the Estate did not offer him a quiet and quick settlement he wants to suddenly "end the secrecy". Can Robson be more phoney and trasnparent? LOL.

They are going in circles. How many times they want to rehash this fake story about supposed "dozens of paid off victims"? There was the original Sunday People article. Then Stacy Brown's rehash of it one year later. Now this.
And when the original Sunday People article came out, Robson's lawyer Maryann Marzano was quick to jump on it and comment on it saying it "proved" Robson's allegations.
Yet, they never once mentioned the story or any of those never before seen alleged victims in their court documents. That's because this is all just for the media hype and manipulation.

All they try to stir in the media is this story and the "child porn" lie. They never talk about Robson's actual case. They never give a factual report of what is actually happening in court. No wonder there is so much misinformation out there when the media is focused on sensationalism rather than presenting facts. The world would need more Linda Deutsches and less Radar Onlines.

Settlement, settlement, settlement.
What Robson is aiming for.

It seems in this case they are trying to achieve it through playing the media game in order to pressure the Estate with bad publicity. Maybe they were already the ones behind this latest Radar Online campaign.

Which is why it does not make any sense to refer to media reports as a source.
The Estate of course won't get into this game of public back and forth with them in the media and they will possibly create a narrative of that the Estate is "hiding information".
When in reality this has to be played out in Court not in the media. If they have a request they should make it in the Court system, not through the media. This has no other purpose than trying to create publicity for the case.
But this shows the direction these new lawyers are trying to take the case. Playing the game in the media and manipulating the public by highly manipulative language rather than playing fairly in the courtroom.

Noone was silenced noone was paid off. They were free to testify in a criminal court.
And don't they see the contradictions?
MJ didn't pay off Rosbon, didn't pay off Safechuck or the Arvizos. But he somehow managed to silence dozens of families forever.
Not only ran into dozens of families who shut up and didn't want justice but
for some strange reasons he didn't even try the same with Safechuck, Robson and Arvizo.
Who the heck are they talking about? They know full well that no such settlements exist!
They had all those "FBI files" and they know they are fake.
They had all the discovery from Zonen and co. If such settlements existed they would have got from them!

MJ shared a bed with DOZENS of little boys? How could Sneddon miss that?
And all those settlements when they looked for everything including his finances?

Brandon Penny said...

BTW, Do lawyers normally start their letters with greetings?
Already the language is manipulative. "Little children", "little boys" - several times.
A reference to "multiple" victims, "dozens of little boys" several times. How disappointed they will be when they learn that there is only Chandler and Francia and those are well known to the public, moreover were discussed at the criminal trial? But I don't think that's what they mean.
They are probably still chasing the phantom victims of the Mirror's fake FBI files article. But then they may as well as know they don't exist.
They just want to stir publicity for the case and once again create a manipulative narrative in the media.

This letter by these lawyers isn't even about the court case. It seems like they are actually talking about being released to freely talk in the media.
That's nonsense.
A case has to be played in the courtroom, not in the media. Just shows they are trying to turn this into a media circus, not a court case.

And these lawyers know that all too well and they should know that this tactic could be used against them if there is a trial which makes me believe that they don't believe there will be a trial and so they try everything they can to get a settlement.
I just don't see any other reason why they would do something this stupid.

And why does Robson have new lawyers? His old ones gave up? Or he has the old ones and the new ones at the same time?
What's the point of that?

Anonymous said...

Shameless attempt to get media attention for his case.

Jen said...

You know what's amazing? Wade Robson spent 20 years defending MJ, he testifying in his favor in 2005 and suddenly in 2013 he remembered that he had been "abused". And more, no one has never been forbidden to talk about anything, in 2005 Jordan Chandler {the 1993's boy} was called to testify, and don't want to, and even said he would sue the prosecution if they keep insisting. That is, no one has never been forbidden to speak, what people will do for money. ...

Anonymous said...

It's so unfortunate that they could not burn this guy while he was alive. So many people still admire this now-deceased pedophile.

Anonymous said...

LOL It looks like The Robber himself left a comment here this last one ROTFL.

Anonymous said...

I love all of these comments,
All but the last one from you know who he who lurks and should no be mentioned.

There was NEVER anything to pin on MJ it was all in the tabloids.
And ROL who 3T are now suing is who W.R. and crew are feeding lies to.
Because they know they don't have nothing, the first case was already thrown out the Civil that's the only reason why he is going for Trial, he will get slaughtered on Stand and proven a liar that he is and so will J.S. There is no one else.
As Sneddon searched the World and even put out a calling card for anyone to come forward and NO ONE ever did and NO ONE ever will only the lazy money hungry ones.
GET A JOB W.R. and J.S. you are not going to win, maybe the last Lawyer quit because he wasn't getting paid and he also never will if I were the last Lawyer I would sue him for the 2 + Years he's worked on the case.

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