Watch: Coldplay Closes Glastonbury 2016 with the Help of Barry Gibb on "To Love Somebody" and "Stayin' Alive"

by VVN Music

Coldplay had the headlining set on the last day of Britain's Glastonbury Festival on Sunday and, as part of their set, they brought out special guest Barry Gibb.

It all started when the band said they would be taking a request from Instagram and Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis came on the big screen. Eavis said that one of the acts that he always wanted to get to the stage but never did was the Bee Gees and asked Coldplay to perform one or two of their songs.

Martin said he would do one better and brought out Barry Gibb who sang To Love Somebody and Stayin' Alive.

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56dinosaur said...

But Barry Gibb continues to sit on a completed solo album, all to avoid giving it to Warner Music. Don't expect to see it or any Bee Gees archival product until after the Gibb Family license to Warner Music expires at the end of the year. Even then Barry Gibb may still not permit Bee Gees archival releases. But I doubt any new licensee will pay the Gibb family a substantial fee for a license that doesn't include outtakes. Warner Music took heavy losses on their 10 year(2006-2016) license, for which they paid $10 million. The rumored next destination for the back catalog: Sony.

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