The Rolling Stones Bringing Their Exhibitionism to New York

by VVN Music

The Rolling Stones exhibition of memorabilia from throughout their career, Exhibitionism, will move from its London base to New York in November.

Exhibitionism includes items from the band's beginnings in the early-60's up through today and includes a number of interactive displays. The exhibit was originated and produced by iEC Exhibitions! out of Australia and curated by Ileen Gallagher with the full cooperation of all four members of the band.

Mick Jagger talked about the exhibit, saying "We’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time but we wanted it to be just right and on a large scale. It’s not going to be like walking into a museum. It’s going to be an event, an experience. It’s about a sense of The Rolling Stones – it’s something we want people to go away talking about it."

Keith Richards added "While this is about The Rolling Stones, it’s not necessarily only just about us. It’s also about all the paraphernalia and technology associated with a group like us, and it’s this, as well as the instruments that have passed through our hands over the years, that should make the exhibition unforgettable."

The exhibit has over 500 items from the band's past including instruments, on- and off-stage clothing, handwritten lyrics, diaries, previously unseen photos and film and much more. To date, this is the largest touring exhibition dedicated to any artist ever assembled.

Exhibitionism has been open since April 5 at the Saatchi Gallery in London where it will close on September 4. The New York opening will be on a yet-to-be-specified dates in November at Idustria Superstudio, 775 Washington Street in the West Village. Tickets will go on sale in September.

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