Steam Lead Vocalist Gary DeCarlo Fighting Cancer

by VVN Music

In late 1969, the Bridgeport, CT based band Steam topped the U.S. charts with their hit Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.

Singer Gary DeCarlo had previously worked with Dale Frashuer and Paul Leka in a group called the Glenwoods in the mid-60's but the musicians soon went their separate ways to different parts of the music business.

In 1969, Leka, who had success writing songs like Green Tambourine, brought DeCarlo to the attention of his bosses at Mercury Records and they set about recording a number of songs. One needed a b-side and DeCarlo and Leka, along with former associate Fashuer, wrote the song Kiss Him Goodbye.

As was normal in the day, the b-side was seen as a throwaway song, but a DJ in Georgia liked what he heard on the flipside of the single and played it on his show. The phone lit up and the sparks of a new hit were lit.

Their never really was a group Steam. The name was made up for Mercury and the three studio musicians went in to record an entire album under the name but nothing ever caught on. The three once again went in other directions and Steam faded away as one of the great one hit wonders.

DeCarlo tried to stay in music over the years but it wasn't until PBS called for their special My Music: '60's Pop Rock and Soul that it all came back together. The broadcast rekindled his career and, in recent years, DeCarlo has been performing with his group Heat, even rerecording Kiss Him Goodbye for his 2014 album Long Time Comin'.

Unfortunately, Gary's career has be derailed once again as he has been diagnosed with cancer in a number of different parts of his body. Because of industry practices in the day and contracts, DeCarlo has never received much money for his number one record, so he is in financial straits over the diagnosis.

A GoFundMe page has been established for DeCarlo's treatment and to help his family through these rough times. According to the page "Your financial donations will provide Gary with the best possible medical care as well as expenses incurred by his family during his care."

In just two days, over $2,000 has been raised but they have a long way to go. An update said "I spoke with Gary this afternoon and he is overwhelmed by all the thoughts and prayers and financial support he is receiving from his family, friends and fans! Gary is in good spirits and very strong with a big heart. He is determined to beat his cancer!"

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Tulessa Slone said...

I truly believe God has Gary's back! :)

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