Sonic Youth and George Harrison Twitter Accounts Hacked

by VVN Music

Over the past week, a number of artists, both dead and alive, have had their Twitter accounts hacked.

An unknown hacker told Sonic Youth fans that the band was reuniting for a one-off show in New York's Central Park just 25 minutes after the post was made. The group has not played together since 2011 when members Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon split.

He/she went on to post about songs being played at the "show".

Meanwhile, a more clueless hacker broke into the account of the late George Harrison and began talking to him as if he were still alive.

@j5zlol wrote on his Twitter ""Hey George, follow @j5zlol when you see this and shoot me a DM. I’ll help you secure your accounts :) I don’t want to cause you any harm, bud". After being corrected by others on the service, he sent "Well shit I hacked someone and I didn’t even know they was dead.. my bad" and, later, "YO F**K IM SO SORRY I ACTUALLY DIDNT KNOW.. WELL SHIT.. IVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK. MY BAD PPL.

His account has since been suspended.

Among other accounts hacked were Tenacious D, where it was falsely announced that Jack Black had died, Tame Impala, with the hacker making a bomb threat, Keith Richards, Drake, Bon Iver and Katy Perry.

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