Listen: Peter Gabriel's Salute to Muhammad Ali, "I'm Amazing"

by VVN Music

It has been a long time since we have had any significant new music from Peter Gabriel.

Not counting his Scratch My Back concept albums (Scratch My Back and And I'll Scratch Yours) and the live album New Blood, it has been fourteen years since his last studio album, 2002's Up.

There have been reports of Peter working on a new studio album for the last couple of years with no firm confirmation of a release date; however, on Thursday, he released an archive track, I'm Amazing, that he had written awhile back.
“I wrote a song a few years back – ‘I’m Amazing’, which was, in part, inspired by Muhammad Ali’s life and struggles and at the time of his death, when so many people are celebrating his life and thinking about all he achieved, it seemed the right time to release it.” – Peter Gabriel
Ali died on June 3.

I'm Amazing is Gabriel's first release of a new composition since Show Yourself, a track from his Back to Front: Live in London DVD, in 2013.

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