John Lodge Releasing Acoustic Solo Version of the Moody Blues' "Isn't Life Strange"

by VVN Music

John Lodge is dipping back to his musical past for a new single.

Lodge, a member of the Moody Blues since 1966, has recorded an acoustic version of the band's classic song Isn't Life Strange with just flute and cello.

Isn't Life Strange was the first single from the band's 1972 album Seventh Sojourn and went to number 29 in the U.S. and 13 in Britain. Written by Lodge, the original recording has been released in various edits over the years with the original 6:10 version being cut to 4:25 for the radio cut, 5:32 on most of the compilation albums and extended to 6:41 on the band's 1989 Greatest Hits.

The song will be released on CD and 7" vinyl single backed with an unplugged version of Simply Magic from Lodge's latest album, 10,000 Light Years Ago.

John talked about writing the song and the new version:
Sitting with a blank piece of paper and an acoustic guitar in the middle of the night and wondering where it’s going to take you… which journey you’re going to keeping going on… and suddenly; Isn’t Life Strange – and you write a song – and from nowhere this song becomes a reality.

It was wonderful to revisit this song this year. Going into the studio to record Isn’t Life Strange on acoustic guitar with flute and cello and just get back to the essential part of what the song is about. Hope you enjoy this – this is the first time we’ve been on Pledge – and I’m looking forward to wherever it takes us.
Lodge is currently taking pre-orders for the single, which will be out in August, on Pledge Music.

John Lodge was our guest on the premier episode of the VVN Music Podcast last year discussing 10,000 Light Years Ago.

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