Ice Cube and Common Have Settled Their Differences

by Newsdesk

Ice Cube and Common put their "beef" to bed on the set of Barbershop: A Fresh Cut.

The two stars engaged in a years of bad mouthing each other, often trading insults through their music in the ‘90s. However the pair’s relationship is now a world away from the hostility they once felt, with 47-year-old Ice Cube and Common, 44, coming together on the third instalment of the successful Barbershop films.

"I had never even met Common before the beef,” Ice admitted to Britain’s Metro newspaper. "It was a misunderstanding – it wasn’t even real beef! I actually feel like a little bit embarrassed that we got into it in the first place. I think we’re both a little ashamed that we got in that deep over something that was really nothing."

Common agrees, adding that the pair of them would handle the situation differently now thanks to the wisdom of age.

Common is a newcomer to the film franchise, while Ice is reprising one of his most loved roles at Calvin’s Barbershop. Ice was more than accommodating on the set, proving that the pair’s past really is dead and buried.

"I think we became friends during the course of this movie. What was cool was there was no lingering animosity. Sometimes when you’ve got a situation like that and you squash it, there’s still a little bad taste in your mouth. I don’t feel that way at all," he shrugged.

Both stars enjoyed successful music careers before turning their hand to acting, though it was Common’s musical talent that bagged him an Oscar in 2015 for his song Glory from movie Selma, co-written with John Legend.

Common, real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., can next be seen in this summer’s most anticipated flick, Suicide Squad, and his new friend Ice thinks he definitely has what it takes to become a major movie star.

"I believe Common is a leading man,” he smiled. "It depends on him finding the right role and showing the world what he’s got."

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