Don McLean and Wife Finalize Divorce

by VVN Music

Don McLean and his wife of about thirty years, Patrisha, have finalized their divorce.

Patrisha originally filed for divorce in January after her husband was arrested in a domestic abuse case. Over the days after the incident, she came out statements saying that there had been a patter of abuse over they years and that, had she not been able to call police during the incident in January, that she might have been killed.

For a time, it appeared that the divorce was called off but, in recent months, Patrisha has said that she was proceeding.

The singer will pay Patrisha $10 million despite a premarital agreement that would have precluded the settlement.

Don McLean still must face a number of charges including domestic abuse, terrorizing, criminal threatening, criminal restraint, criminal mischief and obstructing the reporting of a crime.

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