Barry Gibb Signs With Columbia For New Album

by VVN Music

Barry Gibb, the lone surviving brother from the Bee Gees, is headed back in the studio to record a new album.

Gibb has signed with Columbia after a number of years wit Polydor and will release the album In the Now later in the fall. His last studio release was the 2001 Bee Gees album This is Where I Came In, recorded before the untimely deaths of his brothers Maurice in 2003 and Robin in 2012.

Like he has done his entire life, Gibb has kept the new album a family affair, writing all of the songs for the set with his sons Stephen and Ashley. He is also co-producing with John Merchant. The 12-track album was recorded in Miami with many of the same musicians that joined Barry for his 2013-14 Mythology tour.

Gibb said "This is a dream come true for me. It's a new chapter in my life. I always hoped one day that The Bee Gees would be with Columbia or indeed Sony so, it's a great joy for me to start again this way with such great people."

The Bee Gees released their first singles in 1963 but didn't break big in their native Australia until three years later when Spicks and Specks went to number 5. Internationally, it came in 1967 with New York Mining Disaster 1941 (1967 / #14 U.S. / #12 U.K.). In the U.S., they had 23 top twenty hits including nine number 1's.

Previously, Gibb has only released one solo album, 1984's Now Voyager.

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56dinosaur said...

The November release date confirms what I had suspected all along: that the lengthy postponement of this long-completed album, is because Gibb has to wait until the Gibb family's 10 year license to Warner Music expires, before he can release music through Sony.

I wonder if The Bee Gees' back catalogue will be going to Sony too.

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