Watch: Rosanne Cash, T-Bone Burnett, Duke Fakir, Bones Malone & Dave Pomeroy Talk About Fair Play Fair Pay in Washington

Earlier today, the Music First Coalition brought together 40 musicians and a number of speakers in support of the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act which is working its way through congress.

H.R. 1733, which was introduced in congress last April, looks to ensure that artists get paid for the performance of their work across all platforms, including AM/FM radio where, through an agreement decades ago, now pays no royalties to performers for using their recordings.

The Music First Coalition, headed by Ted Kalo, was the sponsor for the day along with the Content Creators Coalition and the American Music Association. A press conference, hosted by Kalo, included short talks by Congresspeople Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who introduced the bill to congress, Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Conyers (D-MI) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) along with Rosanne Cash, T-Bone Burnett, Duke Fakir, the only surviving member of the original Four Tops, Bones Malone and Nashville bassist Dave Pomeroy.

Our VVN Music Podcast from last June with Ted Kalo:

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BullsEye Radio said...

All you pocket picking politicians want to do is make sure only the rich have control over the broadcasting on the web . . . . . . .as usual !
Small webcasters all over the USA are outraged over this increase and our government allowing small webcasters to be literally executed by the CRB ( The Music Mafia )
It's a crying shame that artists who are stupid enough to support this bill dont realize whether you want to admit it or not , that small webcasters are the reason your music is so popular ! Well my station for one is banning ANY artist who supports killing internet radio ! Your music will go silent on our station like that little spoiled bigmouth Taylor Swift ! BANNED ! Greed filled Corporate America ! Makes me embarassed to say I live here !
People in congress need to wake up and get outta the fog !
Realize you havent just killed internet radio ! Youve killed small business along with them ! Website hosts - streaming server hosts - Banner hosts - Gift shop suppliers + more !
You have taken millions of dollars OUT of the economy ! I hope your proud of yourselves for your greed filled despicable acts !
Fair play act PFFFFFTTTTTT Thats a load of crap! It isnt fair at all !
Its a lopsided bill designed for the rich and only the rich !

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