Police Release Paisley Park 911 Call Records Showing Past Reports of Cocaine and a Son

Minnesota authorities have released a list of 911 calls made from Prince's Paisley Park estate or in reference to Prince over the last few years.

There were more than forty calls reported but many were for minor situations; however, a few stand out as a bit strange.

On June 11, 2011, a woman from Germany called and said that Prince had told her sometime in 2010 that he had an uncontrollable cocaine habit and that she was worried for his welfare. The police decided that the information was too old and, as there was no indication of a current situation, they would be closing the file.

On January 26, 2015, a woman called the police asking them to relay information to Prince that their mutual son was having open heart surgery; however, the authorities said they would not pass along information. Then, on April 21 of this year, the day after Prince died, a woman called saying that she wanted Prince's 17-year-old son to attend the funeral.

These, of course, could just be crank call; however, if the singer did have a son, he would be in-line to inherit the entire estate.

Some of the calls got even crazier. On February 12, 2014, a woman called saying that she had been talking on the phone with Prince since 2009 with the calls starting after she heard "secret information" on one of his records. The authorities told her to have the pranking caller stop contacting her.

Among the other calls were trespassing reports and minor medical situations including an October 23, 2013 call of a 53-year-old man who was dehydrated.

In other Prince news, KCMP radio in Minneapolis is organizing a worldwide playing of the singer's Nothing Compares 2 U for Wednesday. They are asking stations around the world to play the song starting at 5:07 PM CDT which will be be 13 days and 7 hours since Prince's death, tying in with the song lyric "It's been 7 hours and 13 days, since you took your love away".

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