Neil Young OKs Donald Trump's Use of His Music; David Crosby Calls It a Mistake

by VVN Music

Neil Young has said he has no problem with Donald Trump using his music during his campaign stops, even though he would still vote for Bernie Sanders.

Young was critical of Trump's use of Rockin' in the Free World when The Donald first started his campaign for president last year but he has since softened his stance, saying that, as long as the campaign had an agreement with ASCAP and pays the fees, it's his right to play the music.

In reality, Young is correct. Anyone has the right to play a track as long as they are paying the proper licensing for the song's public performance. That hasn't stopped many artists from trying to stop politicians from using their creations, many successfully.

Young said he would have liked Trump to have asked first but that appears to be water under the bridge at this point. He said, "Once the music goes out, everybody can use it for anything."

The situation, though, is not sitting well with former CSN&Y bandmate David Crosby. Crosby regularly answers fans questions on Twitter and one asked him about Young's statements about Trump. Crosby quickly replied "Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. There's one..."

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56dinosaur said...

Young's views on the U.S.A. presidential race would be a moot point anyhow. He's Canadian.

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