Alanis Morissette Suing Former Business Manager

by VVN Music

Alanis Morissette says she is missing more than $4.7 million and she says its because of her former business manager.

TMZ has broken the story that Morissette is suing the company GSO Business Management over the missing money and, in turn, GSO is going after one of their own partners, Jonathan Schwartz, who was responsible for Alanis' money along with other stars such as Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

The numbers involved are not totally clear. According to TMZ, Morissette says that Schwartz transferred $8 million wrongfully from her account when she had instructed the company that she wanted her money invested in a way that she could comfortably live off of the interest. She now says that $4.7 million is missing yet she is suing for $15 million.

Schwartz was questioned on the missing money but he claimed that Alanis had him withdraw it so that she could invest in a marijuana growing business. Morissette says that she has never entered into any type of business arrangement and did not withdraw the money.

The other partners of GSO are trying to dissolve their relationship with Schwartz and are claiming that his actions with Morissette were done independently of their company.

Alannis' lawsuit claims that Schwartz used the money to pay for expensive holidays and to pay off gambling debts.

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