VVN Music Podcast With L.J. Reynolds of the Dramatics

Our guest for episode 13 of the VVN Music Podcast is L.J. Reynolds of the classic R&B group The Dramatics.

Back in 2012, we received a press release that Reynolds, who had been the lead singer and, later, manager of the Dramatics had been let go from the group. What we didn't know is that Reynolds went to court and, withing weeks had an order allowing him to continue performing as the Dramatics.

Our conversation starts with that legal action and them goes back to Reynolds start in the business, how he became a member of the Dramatics, his many hits with them and as a solo artist, the group's recordings with Snoop Dogg and the current situation with Reynolds and the group.

Here's Reynolds, today, with a cover of Marvin Gaye's Come Get to This:

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