Steve Miller Slams the Rock Hall in the Press Room After His Induction

Some are saying it was inappropriate for Steve Miller to criticize the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just moments after being inducted; however, most are cheering in support.

Miller finished his speech last night at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, played three songs with his band, and moved to the press room where he unloaded on the Hall's management.

In a no-holds-barred statement, he called them out on not really honoring the artists and their policies on ticketing outside of the inductee and significant other. Miller also criticized them for using archive footage from his career which will then be sold for showing on HBO.
The whole process is unpleasant. The whole process needs to be changed from the top to the bottom. It doesn't need to be this hard. There's nothing fancy going on out there that requires all this stuff.

They need to get their legal work straight. They need to respect the artists they say they’re honoring, which they don’t. I don't have any of my paperwork signed. I have no licensing agreements with these people. They're trying to steal footage. They're trying to make me indemnify them.

When they told me I was inducted they said, "You have two tickets — one for your wife and one for yourself. Want another one? It's $10,000 — sorry that's the way it goes." What about my band? What about their wives? They make this so unpleasant.

They came this close [his publicist trying to tell him to wrap it up]

No, we're not going to wrap this up — I'm going to wrap you up. You go sit down over there and learn something. Here's what you need to know: This is how close the show came to not happening because of the way the artists are being treated right now. So I'll wrap it up.
The Hall of Fame issued their own statement in response to Miller's comments. "Rock ’n’ roll can ignite many opinions. It’s what makes it so great. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was honored to induct Steve Miller tonight and congratulates him."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been under fire for much of its time in existence from many sides, with critics calling it an elitist organization that is held hostage by chairman Jann Wenner.

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