Review & Set List: The Proclaimers in Melbourne

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

The Proclaimers have been around a long time, they have had a lot of albums and as it turns out they have a lot of fans.

The Reid brothers Craig and Charlie, twins from Leith in Scotland, formed The Proclaimers in 1983. The Proclaimers have released 10 albums, all of which have been hit albums in the UK so it is interesting that while they have just had the one hit album in Australia (Sunshine On Leith, no 2, 1988), they can still manage to pull an almost 3000 capacity audience on the other side of the planet.

I spotted the occasional kilt wandering throughout the crowd but unlike a Noel Gallagher audience where the room is full of British accents, I didn’t detect an abundance of Scottish voices.

Then again, maybe The Proclaimers pull a good crowd just because they are a good live band, which they are.

Craig and Charlie keep the banter to a minimum. The Proclaimers musically have perfected a sound that combines traditional Scottish music with rock and folk and makes them a unique act to watch and a consistent act to listen to.

The Proclaimers have only had two hit songs in Australia and both ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ and ‘I’m On My Way’ surfaced in 1988. No-one was there to hear the latest thing from Britain. The show works because the audience is treated to something that they will only ever hear when these two guys are on stage.

The Proclaimers, April 17, 2016 set list:

Main Set
  • Sky Takes The Soul (from This Is The Story, 1987)
  • Over And Done With (from This Is The Story, 1987)
  • Letter From America (from This Is The Story, 1987)
  • Should Have Been Loved (from Born Innocent, 2003)
  • Restless Soul (from Restless Soul, 2005)
  • Tuesday Afternoon (from Let’s Hear It From The Dogs, 2015)
  • Let’s Get Married (from Hit The Highway, 1994)
  • Forever Young (from Let’s Hear It From The Dogs, 2015)
  • In My Home (from Let’s Hear It From The Dogs, 2015)
  • Spinning Around In The Air (from Like Comedy, 2012)
  • Sean (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • Cap In Hand (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • What Makes U Cry (from Hit The Highway, 1994)
  • Rainbows & Happy Regrets (from Let’s Hear It From The Dogs, 2015)
  • Be With Me (from Let’s Hear It From The Dogs, 2015)
  • Misty Blue (from This Is The Story, 1987)
  • Sunshine On Leith (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • Hate My Love (from Born Innocent, 2003)
  • I’m On My Way (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • The I Met You (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (from Sunshine On Leith, 1988)
  • Make My Heart Fly (from This Is The Story, 1987)
  • Life With You (from Life With You, 2007)
  • The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues (from This Is The Story, 1987)

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