Police Widen Their Probe on Prince, Serving Search Warrants on Pharmacies and Looking For Doctors

Could Prince have had his own Dr. Nick, or a bunch of them?

That's what police in Minneapolis want to know as they continue to widen their probe into the death of the iconic singer. According to TMZ, police went into a Walgreens near Paisley Park with a warrant and immediately descended on the pharmacy where they started to go through prescription records.

Authorities may be looking for prescriptions for Percocet based on information that said that Prince had been taking them for at least six years, since he had his hip replaced in 2010. Word is that the emergency landing that the plane made while the singer traveled from Atlanta to Minnesota a week before his death was not for "flu symptoms" but for an overdose of the drug, for which he was given a "save shot".

Reports also say that Prince made at least four runs to Walgreens in the week before his death although the reason for the trips have not been ascertained.

Police may also be looking at other pharmacies in the area and for more than one doctor who could have written prescriptions, something that is common among those who have addictions to opiates and other drugs. The authorities are also supposedly trying to identify any aliases under which Prince may have received prescriptions.

Between the search of Paisley Park and this new round of warrants, it is fairly obvious that there was either evidence in Prince's residence or something said to authorities that triggered their suspicion that the singer died of more than natural causes. Still, it could be weeks before there are any answers as the more definitive lab tests based on samples taken during the autopsy can take time before the reports are returned.

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