Former Member of the Monkees' Band Sues Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork

Aviva Maloney, a member of the Monkees' backup band for over twenty years, has sued Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Warner Music and others for being wrongly fired.

Maloney, who played both wind instruments and keyboards, was once one of the best friends of Davy Jones but, according to an article in Billboard, had her responsibilities in the band reduced gradually over the three years since his death until her being let go by the group's musical director.

Aviva is claiming that, shortly after her dismissal, Peter Tork told her husband that she needed to join Overeaters Anonymous because she was eating her feelings and no longer looked good on stage. He also said that she didn't wear makeup on stage.

Maloney suffers from lupus which her lawyer said may have been a reason for her reportedly falling asleep during a rehearsal, another charge by Tork. She is suing for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, failure to accommodate disability and wrongful termination.

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