USA Network's "Night Flight" Series Returns in New Subscription Service

From 1981 to 1988, the fledgling USA Network gave four hours every Friday and Saturday night to Night Flight, a visual-arts magazine that included music videos, short- and long-form documentaries and other non-traditional content.

While the show could have been seen as an attempt to duplicate the format of the also new MTV, it actually went much further, showing such films as The Grateful Dead Movie and Yessongs along with artist interviews, stand up comedy and even the occasional cartoon. Because of its late, late night schedule, it was also able to show versions of music videos that MTV wouldn't touch because of content.

The show premiered on June 5, 1981 during the writer's strike and ran until December 31, 1988. It was revived two years later and ran for three years in syndication.

Now, MVD Entertainment has announced that they are bringing back the large library of Night Flight shows in the new subscriptions service Night Flight Plus which will feature original content that has not been broadcast for over 30 years. Subscribers can revisit episodes of Night Flight transferred from the original USA Network air masters with exclusive interviews and specials, including features like the four hour 1983 New Year's Special and Best of New Wave Theatre.

Night Flight Plus will be offering up new releases every weekend of original uncut episodes from the Night Flight vault. In addition to the original material, Night Flight is developing unique artist channels, the first of which being the short film collection from Seinfeld actor, comedian, and filmmaker Larry Hankin. These exclusives will be paired with hundreds of titles from MVD's extensive library of music, horror, cult, comedy, and concert documentary films.

A Night Flight subscription is available in two options: $2.99/month or $29.99/year and compatible with Chromecast and Roku. Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are right around the corner.

Founder Stuart S. Shapiro stresses this isn't strictly a subscription, saying: "We're treating it like a membership to an exclusive club - A Rite of Passage - A trigger of never ending emotional nostalgia."

MVD's CEO, Ed Seaman added, "Many of us at MVD grew up with Night Flight. Some of us even remember those days... Night Flight Plus provides vast programming targeted to the counterculture. The SVOD leaders have largely abandoned the kind of selection that appeals to this market. Night Flight Plus fills that void, and then some. We are so proud to be working closely with Stuart Shapiro and his team, and especially proud to be affiliated with such a strong brand as Night Flight."

Shapiro said "Our goal with Night Flight Plus is to resurrect the editorial spirit of Night Flight with the same original curatorial edge we had in the 80s for a new digital generation. This time around Night Flight's special brew will be available anytime - anywhere."

Announcing Night Flight Plus
Announcing NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS - A premium subscription offering uncut episodes of the original Night Flight and thousands of feature films. Available now online and Roku. Sign up:
Posted by Night Flight on Monday, March 21, 2016

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