Review: "Nomad Poets: Live in Germany 2004" - Spooky Tooth

by Andy Snipper,

If you look to the past members of Spooky Tooth you are virtually looking at a history of British rock in the late ‘60’s and early seventies.

One of the bands whose reputation was enormous but who somehow never quite made it in terms of album sales, they possessed, in Gary Wright, one of the vocalists who could match the peerless Stevie Marriot for passion and range.

This dates from 2004, one of their many reunion tours and features three of the original band – Mike Kellie on drums, Mike Harrison on lead vocals and keyboards and Gary Wright also on lead vocals and keyboards and so keeping the format of the original band alive with their twin organ and piano lead. Joey Albrecht takes over Luther Grosvenor’s guitar role and bass duties fall to Michael ‘Bear’ Becker.

It is a bloody fine album, lots of snap in the playing and it definitely has the feel of a band reuniting for the joy of it rather than going through the motions for the money.

Of course they are older and their sound has less of a whispery quality than it once had but in its place is a powerful and confident retelling of their classic moments from the opening Waiting For The Wind, with its fulsome keyboards driving the song, and through to the wonderful Better By You Better Than Me which has all the elements that made Spooky Tooth such an original and critically acclaimed band, especially the twin keyboard format with two very different sounds bringing the vocals out and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

These are, essentially, just memories of the greatness of the band and in many respects I would happily go back to the original albums but they are also experienced and stage-savvy musicians now and the performance is superb so that it is one of those few albums of its kind I would actually go back to for pleasure in the event.

A very well worthy release.

Nomad Poets: Live in Germany 2004 will be available in the U.S. via Amazon on April 8.

The track list:
  • Waitin' For The Wind
  • Sunshine Help Me
  • That Was Only Yesterday
  • The Wrong Time
  • Feelin' Bad
  • Wildfire
  • Better By You, Better Than Me
  • Tobacco Road
  • Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree
  • Evil Woman

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