Opinion: The Australian Media is Savaging Madonna With Little Reason

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Australia’s mainstream media has lost its mind with reporting of Madonna’s Australian tour ranging from insane to ridiculous.

Since this tour began press stories have told of Madonna being drunk on stage, having a public breakdown, not up to par as a performer and fretting publically over her 15-year old son’s custody battle. The reports have been complete lies.

The latest scandal is the much reported Titgate incident. Oh dear, a nipple was seen at a Madonna concert and for at least one Australian gossip columnist, that must mean a Sexual Harassment lawsuit is pending. Not quite. The only boob that needs adjusting after last night’s Brisbane show is the Tabloid Turkey himself.

It seems everyone loves a good scandal and if you can be paid to generate one … cha-ching. But let's be real here, the artist is Madonna, not the Wiggles. The audience is predominately 40+ and is probably not expecting Madonna to be Britney Spears.

If this audience was expecting a greatest hits show when Madonna never does a greatest hits show then they are probably there just to say they were there. They certainly aren’t true fans.

Yes, the tardiness is annoying and fans should truly be pissed off for that, as they were for Bieber, as they were for Guns N' Roses. Keep in mind that artists of the calibre of Madonna do not live in the real world and expecting them to act like real people is unrealistic on your part. So yes, vent your anger at that … if you were there, if she was late at your show and if it inconvenienced you. But if you weren’t … then shut the f**k up.

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