Opinion: AC/DC is Over and It's Time For Angus Young to Accept It

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Paul Cashmere is owner of Australia's Noise11 and has been writing about AC/DC for much of their career. 

Angus Young has got to be kidding. After replacing his co-founder and brother Malcolm Young, after replacing the timekeeper Phil Rudd and now having to accept the resignation of singer Brian Johnson, AC/DC wants to continue with another singer? How greedy can one man be?

Yesterday Johnson announced that he had to immediately quit the band or risk loosing his hearing permanently. AC/DC, midway through an American tour did not cancel the tour. Instead it was announced that the tour will be postponed until later this year when it will resume with a guest vocalist.

The concept is preposterous.

I guess in Young’s head he did the impossible once when he replaced Bon Scott with Brian Johnson. Chris Slade replaced Phil Rudd who was then replaced by Chris Slade … so tick that off as a success. It got very wobbly when Malcolm Young, the driving force of AC/DC was replaced by his nephew Stevie, but Stevie imitated his uncle note for note, they have the same hairstyle and in a big arena they do get away with it.

But replacing Brian Johnson? With who? And more to the point why? Doesn’t Angus Young know when to quit?

It has been interesting to watch the names roll out these past 24 hours in what has become a rock and roll guessing game. The names Steven Tyler, Sammy Hagar and go-to replacement Myles Kennedy have been tossed around.

If they did, the best choice would be Australia’s John Swan, who was considered at one stage as a replacement for Bon. He would be perfect. Other than that, Angus Young is dreaming.

Face facts Angus … AC/DC is over.


Pat Francis said...

Paul Cashmere is a horrible writer. After butchering a Cheap Trick story earlier in the week he now has the balls to question why Angus wants to continue the current AC/DC tour. That answer is simple Paul... the crew needs to make the money they were commissioned to make. It's the same reason The Who continued after John Entwistle died. Also... Phil had drug problems and Malcolm has dementia so does that mean that everyone has to stop doing what they love? Their replacements were solid and although Brian will be hard to replace permanently I think the band is doing the right thing by rescheduling the remaining shows so their crew gets paid.

Lucas said...

This is the worst thing I have read in my entire life....I mean... this IS the worst sequence of words I have literally witnessed in my entire life.

Greg Duff said...

ACDC will decide when and under what circumstances they will disband or cease touring. It is certainly none of Paul Cashmere's business to tell the band they are finished. What a goddamned hide!

Pat Francis said...

^^^^ I agree with Greg Duff!!!

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