VVN Music is Ten Years Old

It was ten years ago today, March 25, 2006, that VVN Music was born.

We weren't called that on our first day. It was actually "Collector's Corner", an offshoot of the site Wink's Collectibles that sold vinyl and other collectibles. Our first article was on the death of Buck Owens followed, a couple of days later, by Prince having his first number 1 album in seventeen years with 3121. There were only articles every couple of days, but the subject matter hasn't changed that much.

Within the year, the name was changed to "Vintage Vinyl News" as the readership went up and our focus became only artists that had begun recording 25 or more years earlier (to be changed to 20 years or more at a future date). By March of 2007, we had increased our postings to multiple times per day and were covering more areas of music.

Eventually, the name of the site was changed to VVN Music as our "25 year rule" started to include artists whose output was not specifically from the era of the vinyl record and, in October 2010, we entered an agreement with Noise11 in Australia and Music-News.com in Britain for the sharing of news stories, giving all three sites 24 hour, worldwide coverage of the music scene.

So, here we are, ten years later. We've published over 18,000 articles, interviewed some of music's best and have started both the VVN Music Podcast and VVN Music Radio, but none of this would have been possible without you, the readers (and now, listeners). Thank you for taking this ride with us over the years and here's to ten more.

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DrBOP said...

THANK-YOU for ALL your efforts. I know it's not an easy slog everyday, but it has GOT to make you feel good about how much pleasure you (and your crew) bring to MANY.....EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Keep on chooglin'!

PS = How many VVN Music owners/publishers/editors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Only one, but they don't screw it in. They simply hold on to the bulb, and wait for the world to revolve around them.


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