Don McLean Responds to His Wife's Divorce Filing

Don McLean has chosen to his wife's filing for divorce public rather than make it a private affair.

McLean was arrested in mid-January for domestic abuse and since charged with additional count for holding his wife hostage in their home for four hours. At that time, Patrisha McLean said that the couple would be getting a divorce but, a week later, called off the divorce threat.

Yesterday, Patrisha reversed course and officially filed for divorce citing "adultery, cruel and abusive treatment and irreconcilable differences."

On Friday, Don decided to keep the divorce in the public eyes, posting a series of Tweets that, when put together, create his statement on the situation:
My wife has chosen divorce. She has chosen to characterize our 30 year relationship in a completely distorted and untrue manner. We raised two gentle highly educated children in an environment of laughter, music and literature. I suggest anyone interested view the movie “Don McLean: American Troubadour” to get an idea of our life."

So far, Twitter is the only venue on which McLean has chosen to communicate on the incident. \

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