Colin Hay Gives Advice to Ted Cruz on How He Might Do Better in His Campaign

Leave it to Colin Hay, the former Men at Work lead, to tell a candidate for U.S. President how he might better get votes.

Ted Cruz was a guest recently on Jimmy Kimmel who asked him a series of random questions including asking him the first concert he attended. His reply, "Men at Work. Tamest concert on earth. I went with my mother."

Well, Hay, who is well known for his sense of humor, decided to write a short note to Ted on his Facebook page:
Dear Mr Cruz,

I was informed this evening, that Men At Work was the first concert you ever attended. I hope you enjoyed the show all those years ago. I myself had a grand old time, being my first visit to this fair land.

Far be it from me to offer you any advice, but I feel compelled. I think that on any and every political issue upon which you've taken a stand, if you could pretty much just head off in the opposite direction, this will serve you in good stead.

You don't have to thank me now

Peace and Love

Cruz also had a comment for Kimmel on Donald Trump. "If I was in my car getting ready to reverse and I saw Donald in the back-up camera, I'm not sure which pedal I would push."

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