VVN Music Radio is Now Available on All iOS and Blackberry Devices

We are happy to announce that VVN Music Radio now has a dedicated app for both iOS and Blackberry devices to go along with the previously announced Android app.

VVN Music Radio programs over 6,000 of the greatest songs of the last sixty years as recorded by veteran artists whose career has spanned at least two decades.

In addition, the VVN Music Radio App has a Social Feed tab where you can follow our Twitter stream to connect with the latest news from VVN Music.

While the station can be heard on your computer through the link above, it is even more convenient to have it whenever you want on your phone or tablet. Simply go to the app store for your particular device and search for VVN Music Radio. On iOS devices, you will need to search for iPhone apps even though the program works just fine on a tablet.

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