Vintage Video: John Lennon Sings "Instant Karma" on "Top of the Pops" (1971)

On February 11, 1970 (46 years ago today), John Lennon and Yoko Ono brought their band to the British television show Top of the Pops, the first of the four Beatles to appear on the program.

Lennon sang live in the studio but the rest of the instruments were mimed by Klaus Voorman (bass), Mal Evans (tambourine), Alan White (drums) and BP Fallon (bass, tambourine).

Meanwhile, Yoko Ono sat behind and to the right of the piano where Lennon played with a blindfold on, calmly knitting and, occassionally, holding up signs with words like "peace".

Four takes were done of the song in the studio with take three shown the next night, February 12 while take four was used the following week on the show (February 19).

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