Vintage Video: "Can't Find My Way Home" Live From Blind Faith (1969)

The word "supergroup" gets bandied about fairly often now to describe the formation of just about any new band whose members happened to have been in a group that reached the lower depths of the charts but, in the late 60's, supergroup meant a collective of truly huge, well-known musicians.

One of the first of the supergroup genre was Blind Faith. Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker were just coming off the immense success of Cream and Steve Winwood had been the voice of the Spencer Davis Group and Traffic. Filling out the lineup with bassist Ric Grech from Family. The announcement of the formation of the group came 47 years ago today, February 8, 1969, to great industry anticipation.

Clapton never fully committed to the band. He wasn't happy with their early shows, hated playing Cream and Traffic songs to fill them out and, eventually, spent more time with Delaney and Bonnie on tour then he did promoting Blind Faith.

The self-titled debut set for the group was an instant hit, going to number 1 in both the U.K. and the U.S. even though the original cover British cover (a topless young girl holding a silver airplane) was controversial and was replaced on the U.S. edition.

Blind Faith toured behind the album but, shortly after it finished, they broke up. Clapton went off to tour with Delaney and Bonnie and to form Derek and the Dominos while the other members of the group stayed together in Ginger Baker's Air Force although Winwood and Grech left soon after to reform Traffic.

Here is Blind Faith from 1969 playing Can't Find My Way Home.

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