Pat Boone Given the Zionist Cultural Impact Award From the Zion Museum in Jerusalem

Pat Boone has declared himself a Zionist in receiving a special award in Israel.

The singer met with IDF soldiers during his visit at the Friends of Zion Museum, the newest most popular attraction in Jerusalem and told them: "I'm wearing a Star of David as a token of my esteem for the People of Israel. I count myself as a Zionist and I want you all to know that I am a true friend of yours and that America will always stand by you. You are the true fruit of this land, the future generation of Israel."

Boone is well known for his work for Israel. He has written and sung one of the most famous Zionist songs, which has inspired so many to support Israel. This Land is Mine is the song that formed the theme for the Academy Award-winning soundtrack for the movie Exodus.

The singer toured the exhibits and was especially moved by the "Lights in the Darkness" display, showcasing the contribution made by the Righteous Among the Nations to the State of Israel. He was honored with the Zionist Cultural Impact Award for this contribution to Zionist cultural influence around the world. The award was given to Mr. Boone by Gen. (Res.) Yossi Peled, who serves as the museum's Israeli Chairman of the Board. It was inscribed with the words of Pat Boone's song This Land is Mine.

Pat Boone told those present, "This technological wonder of a museum will educate millions around the world to become Zionists like me." He also shared that he is overcome with emotion when he visits Israel to see the Zionist Technology and reaffirm his commitment to Israel. Boone concluded his words by standing and singing his moving song This Land is Mine, with the museum's displays and panoramas of the State of Israel in the background.

Boone was so moved by his experience at Friends of Zion Museum that he presented Prime Minister Netanyahu with the translated soundtrack of American Zionism and reaffirmed that millions of Christians worldwide are standing with Israel.

Gen. (Res.) Peled, pointed out: "This is a historic visit. We are proud of singer Pat Boone's arrival here – a long-time ardent supporter of the State of Israel."

The Friends of Zion Museum opened in Jerusalem last September. Heading its International Board of Trustees is Israel's former president Shimon Peres.

The museum includes state-of-the-art exhibitions and displays, including 3D displays and a unique audiovisual innovation developed exclusively for the museum.

The Friends of Zion museum emphasizes the saving of Jews during the Holocaust and the contribution made by the Righteous Among the Nations. It highlights the connection to Zionism and praises the work of those who have come to the aid of the Jewish people in recent times – through the British Mandate, the Holocaust and up until the establishment of the State of Israel.

Source: Friends of Zion Museum

Photo: Pat Boone receives the Cultural Impact Award from Museum Founder Michael Evans Jr. and Israeli Chairman Gen (res) Yossi Peled

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