Elton John's "Wonderful Night" Debuts at 6 in the U.K.; The Cult Starts at 19, Highest Charting in 25 Years

The album that Elton John wanted to be his big comeback, Wonderful Crazy Night, has debuted well in the U.K. but not outside of his normal placing.

Night starts at number 6, three spots lower than 2013's The Diving Board and the same position as 2006's The Captain & the Kid. His album with Leon Russell, 2010's The Union, only made it to 12.

While it is impressive that Elton is still having such a consistent placing 46 years after his Elton John went to the top 5, it still is not the smash for which the singer was hoping.

The Cult make a bit of a comeback with their first album in eight years, Hidden City. It opens this week at 19, their highest charting album in 25 years since 1991's Ceremony (#9). Their last album, 2012's Choice of Weapon, peaked at 20.

Chris Isaak's 2015 album First Comes the Night finally sees release in the U.K. and opens at 32, a nice start but nowhere near his last album, Beyond the Sun, which premiered at 6 in 2011. On the other hand, his previous album, 2009's Mr. Lucky, didn't even chart in Britain.

Finally, David Bowie's amazing run on the British charts after his death is slowly coming to an end. Best of Bowie drops 1 to 3 this week while Blackstar goes 2 to 5. Overall, he still has ten albums in the top 100.

The top five albums by veteran artists:
  1. Best of Bowie - David Bowie
  2. Blackstar - David Bowie
  3. Wonderful Crazy Night - Elton John
  4. Nothing Has Changed. - David Bowie
  5. If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley
The top five albums overall:
  1. A Had Full of Dreams - Coldplay
  2. 25 - Adele
  3. Best of Bowie - David Bowie
  4. Purpose - Justin Bieber
  5. Blackstar - David Bowie
The top five singles:
  1. 7 Years - Lukas Graham
  2. Pillowtalk - Zayn
  3. Fast Car - Jonas Blue & Dakota
  4. Work - Rihanna Featuring Drake
  5. Stitches - Shawn Mendes
Veteran artists at the top of other British charts:
  • Albums
    • Physical Album Sales - Best of Bowie - David Bowie
    • Vinyl Album Sales - Blackstar - David Bowie
    • Record Store Sales - Blackstar - David Bowie
    • Rock & Metal Albums - Hidden City - Cult
    • Progressive Albums - Alone in the Universe - Jeff Lynne's ELO
    • Country Albums - First Comes the Night - Chris Isaak
    • Soundtrack Albums - Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 - Various Artists
  • Tracks/Singles
    • Vinyl Singles - Golden Years - David Bowie
    • Rock & Metal Singles - Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

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