The Edge Says "Songs of Experience" is Getting Closer to Completion

When Songs of Innocence (right) came out in 2014, U2 promised a followup called, appropriately, Songs of Experience but, while we were given all sorts of "soon" indications for the release, it never turned up last year.

The band is once again taking the "soon" path in a new interview with Q magazine. The Edge said that it is being put together piecemeal much like they recorded their Zooropa album. Both were recorded during the downtimes in the current tours, something that producer Brian Eno relishes. The Edge said that Eno "would love to see us making albums a bit more like that. Where we go, ‘You know what? We’re not going to second-guess any of this. Let’s just go for it.’ I think there’s a quality you get when there’s a certain momentum to the process."

Bono added that his bike accident and subsequent touring led to his being more immediate in his creativity. "The gift of it was that I had time to write while in the mentality that you get to at the end of an album. There is a reason why all the great groups made their best albums while in and around touring, because the ideas have to come out of your head."

Now, let's all hope that U2 does a more conventional release for this album as compared to the rather botched rollout of Songs of Innocence.

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