Review: "Wonderful Crazy Night" - Elton John

by Maddy Raven,

Returning with his 33rd studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night, is the legend himself Sir Elton John. Similar to 2013 LP The Diving Board, the album was co-produced by T-Bone Burnett and recorded at Village in Los Angeles. After only 17 days in the studio, John had already finished the whole 14 track album. The speedily made LP will make its worldwide release on February 5th, leaving the rock phenomenons fans waiting eagerly.

The first track of any album should captivate you and leave you intrigued wanting more. Opening track Wonderful Crazy Night does this exactly, with cheeky piano licks hidden here and there alongside a prominent beat. Around one minute into the track the catchy piano begins to grow very tiresome and just repetitive so you’re left waiting for a climax that never occurs.

The style changes drastically as John returns to his late-90s/early-00s sound in In The Name Of You. The gravely texture to his voice shows he has definitely not lost his vocals even after having throat nodules removed in 1987. The short but sweat juicy guitar solo enthrals your ears so that you’re begging for more. The husky vocals adjoining with infectious guitar riffs makes another Elton John classic.

Good Heart presents the inexhaustible songwriting partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. With a captivating but simple chorus alongside passionate heartfelt verses, the track demonstrates just how perfectly the collaboration has and still is working even after 49 years.

The album continues with four bonus tracks. The first two, Free & Easy and Children's Song, sound as if John has just discovered the incredible percussion instrument of a sand block. The sound is overused throughout the two tracks and once heard cannot be unheard. Besides this, the bonus tracks are slightly tedious and after a while become indistinguishable.

Suddenly you’re awoken with final bonus track, England & America. From the moment you press play to the final note, the song is bursting with energy. The straight forward lyrics explaining his love for the two countries and the support they've given him over the years is so genuine and it’s undoubtable he is only going to gain more after this album. It’s unbelievable that this track is an extra as it holds such feistiness and power, making it one of the best on the album.

It’s always a worry when a musical legend tries to create music for longer than their time but when will Elton John ever reach his time? With incredible lyrical,vocal and composing skills it’s impossible for John to lose his fans or his career anytime soon. The album has certain tracks that lack that zest that John used to own but overall the LP is eclectic and won’t leave the legions of fans disappointed.

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