Paul McCartney Feels the Wrath of His Australian Fans

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Paul McCartney is clearly the second most popular living Beatle for Australians.

McCartney’s Australian fans have been hammering the ex-Beatle with abuse on Facebook after he posted an ill thought out post attempting to wish Aussie fans a ‘Happy Australia Day’. Instead it opened up the old wound of rejection.

McCartney innocently posted “Salutations to our cousins down under on Australia Day. Have a great one. Watch out for flying kangaroos!” but then next to the comment posted a picture of himself taken in 2002 draped in an Australian flag (right). The image was a promo shot from the Australian tour he cancelled.

At the time McCartney said he was cancelling because it was too close to the Bali bombing just two weeks earlier on October 12, 2002. McCartney was scheduled to play two shows in Melbourne only for Australia in November.

In a statement on October 28, 2002 McCartney said:
Like many who have a deep fondness for Australia, I have been shocked and saddened by the recent terrible events in Bali.

My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this tragedy.

As a mark of respect to both the families who have lost loved ones and to the families of the injured, I have decided to postpone my planned concert in Melbourne as this is not the appropriate time for a rock show.
The truth was that ticket sales had stiffed and if the shows had gone ahead McCartney would have performed to a half empty venue.

The post agitated Australian fans who had not been treated to a McCartney tour since 1993.

Here is a sample of fan responses:
Ken Francis‪ How long til you announce those 2002 Australian shows are actually cancelled, not “postponed”??? You obviously ain’t coming back!‬

Leonie Soldini‪ Every time you do a tour….Australia seems to be “forgotten” are we the forgotten people here down under…!!!‬

Cameron Kennedy‪ Oh boy, it’s a good thing Paul didn’t take this opportunity to announce a tour of Australia. Then we’d have to watch out for flying pigs, too!‬

Kris Nestoridis‪ So what if you botched your last attempt at a tour or should i say concert in australia/telstra dome then give a piss lame excuse cancel in respect to the victims of bali bombs but ok to headline the concert for new york straight after 9/11 tragedy maybe thinking your freedom single would shoot to #1 hmmm‬

Daniel Gradwell‪ Hmmm I find this rather insulting since you refuse to come down here. Last time was 1993, then you bailed on us after the Bali bombings. Time you redress this issue Paul McCartney‬

Benny Camp‪ What a dickhead !!! Has not been here in over 20 years!!!!.‬
Making matters worse McCartney cancelled his 2002 Australian tour but kept the Japanese dates the same month. He has also toured Japan again in 2013 and 2015 as well as 1993 and 1990.

McCartney has toured Australia once with The Beatles in 1964, with Wings in 1975 and solo in 1993. There is no word of an upcoming Australian tour despite regular dates in the USA and Europe over the past decade.


Brian said...

Really, people... get over it!

Streaming Ray said...

You mean there are other people on earth (in addition to me) who don't worship the ground McCartney walks on? I felt like a hermit! Good to know there are others.

Eric E Wade said...

Paul McCartney have really face these type of things in past few months. Hope it will be fix soon. Thanks for sharing this story looking for more.

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