Passings: Jimmy Bain, Bassist for Rainbow, Dio (1947 - 2016)

Jimmy Bain, the bassist who played with Rainbow, Dio and his newly formed Last in Line, has reportedly died at the age of 68. While there is no official confirmation as of this writing, numerous industry insiders have reported his passing while performing with his new band on Def Leppard's Hysteria on the High Seas Cruise.

Bain was born in Newtonmore, Highland, Scotland and played in local bands while in his early teens. When his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, Jimmy stayed behind to play in groups like Street Noise and Harlot.

In the mid-70's, Ritchie Blackmore saw Bain perform and asked him to join Rainbow with which he appears on the albums Rising (1976) and On Stage (1977) but was soon after fired from the band and joined up with John Cale for a tour.

Bain's next project was the group Wild Horses with Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Clive Edwards (Pat Travers) and Neil Carter (UFO), releasing two albums, their 1980 self titled debut and Stand Your Ground (1981).

It was also during this time that Jimmy worked with good friend Phil Lynott on his two solo albums, cowriting a couple of songs and playing keyboards and bass. Bain also worked on projects with Roger Chapman, Roy Harper, Gary Moore, Kate Bush and Scorpions.

Bain's career hit its zenith in 1983 when he rejoined ex-Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio in his band Dio. Not only did Bain play bass on seven of their albums, he co-wrote some of the band's best known songs including Holy Diver and Rainbow in the Dark.

In 1989, Bain formed World War III with Mandy Lion, recording just one album. During the 2000's, he worked with Vinny Appice on The Hollywood All Starz and 3 Legged Dog. His latest project, Last in Line, includes Appice, Viv Campbell, Claude Schnell and Andrew Freeman. Their debut album is expected next month.

Bain also started the Hear n' Aid Foundation in the mid-80's to bring the rock community into the fight against world hunger.

Artists have been quick to react to Bain's death:

Matt Sorum
We've lost another great Rock N Roller
#rip #jimmybain #dio #rainbow
Phil Campbell
Ah bollocks, I just woke up to find my dear mate Jimmy Bain has passed away. Rip Jimmy

Jimmy Bain was a true musician and songwriter. He was involved and wrote more than u probably imagine.
Dave Mustaine
Jimmy Bain has passed away. I'm saddened by the loss of my friend. David & I were very close with Jimmy. Godspeed!

Its weird when the friends you know and the people you listened to growing up start dying,
Rudy Sarzo
My condolences to the DIO family on the passing of legendary bassist and friend Jimmy Bain...

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