Frank Zappa Documentary Picked Up by Sony Classics

The new Frank Zappa documentary, Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words, has been acquired by Sony Classics at the Sundance Film Festival before it even premiered.

The film uses archival footage of Zappa, both interviews and performances, in an examination of the creative process and Zappa's career.

Directed by German filmmaker Thorsten Schutte, the footage had to be assembled from a variety of unsanctioned sources as the film did not have the blessing of the Zappa family.

Schutte said in a statement "I’m delighted and I’m thrilled that Sony Pictures Classics believes in the film and I feel we’re in very good hands. The news of the acquisition is really the cherry on the cake of our world premiere at Sundance."

Eat That Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words / TEASER from Les Films du Poisson on Vimeo.

The film premiers at the festival on Monday.

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