The Violent Femmes Set First Album in 16 Years

It has been fifteen years since the Violent Femmes last released an album, Freak Magnet.

On March 4, 2016, that long drought will end with the release of We Can Do Anything. The band did release the EP Happy New Year in April, but this will be their first full length album since 2000.

Playing on the album are original vocalist and guitarist Gordon Gano and bass and keyboard player Brian Ritche along with drummer Brian Viglione who joined when the band first started to reform in 2013.

The album was recorded this past summer while the band was touring with the Barenaked Ladies in a variety of studios in Brooklyn, Nashville, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Denver.  The cover art was drawn by Kevin Hearn, keyboard player for the Ladies.

Look for the Violent Femmes to be on the road, including the already announced March tour of Australia, most of 2016 in support of the album.

The track list:
  • Memory
  • I Could Be Anything
  • Issues
  • Holy Ghost
  • What You Really Mean
  • Foothills
  • Traveling Solves Everything
  • Big Car
  • Untrue Love
  • I'm Not Done

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