Ted Nugent Throws His Backing Behind Donald Trump

Let's face it, nobody was expecting Ted Nugent to back Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but it was unclear who on the Republican side he thought was the best choice. That is until today.

While it looks like Trump likes Ted Cruz, his real pick is The Donald, aka Donald Trump. Ted went onto his Facebook on Wednesday and wrote:
Know it, Donald Trump is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to end the criminal jihad on America by our own corrupt punkass government, media & bigBiz goons. Are there enough Americans smart enough to end the nightmare? It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE to make certain everyone in our lives is awakened to their WE THE PEOPLE responsibilities & stop the America hating devil democrats. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

William J. Bennett, Host of Bill Bennett's Morning in America Show, is one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural, political, and education issues. He has one of the strongest Christian world views of any writer in modern times.
Cruz then pasted a lengthy piece by Bennett (see below for the full text).

Nugent has been a supporter and problem child for the right for years. His support of gun rights has been hailed by the NRA but his various diatribes on President Obama, while supported by some fringe members of the Republican party, have been seen as inflammatory.

Know it, Donald Trump is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to...
Posted by Ted Nugent on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Larry Linn said...

Here's what Nugent said he would have done if he went to Vietnam:

"... if I would have gone over there, I'd have been killed, or I'd have killed, or I'd kill all the hippies in the foxholes ... I would have killed everybody," he told the Detroit Free Press in an interview published July 15, 1990."
Back in 1969 I enlisted in the U.S. Army and went to Vietnam and served as a common 11B infantryman. I was shot in January 1970, at Nui Ba Den and spent the next eight months recovering at Ft. Ord. I have a bunch of medals sitting in a drawer. I have no problems with pacifists, or most of the anti-war people of the era. However, Ted Noguts made threats against the soldiers who served.

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