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Shane MacGowan Says the Pogues Are No Longer Active

The Pogues are sick of touring and are, in fact, no longer active, at least according to Shane MacGowan.

MacGowan spoke with Vice, saying, when asked if the band was no longer active, "We're not, no."

He even went on to say that, when the reformed in 2001, they "grew to hate each other all over again" but, when his wife Victoria objected to that statement, became a bit less harsh, saying "I don't hate the band at all—they're friends. I like them a lot. We were friends for years before we joined the band. We just got a bit sick of each other. We're friends as long as we don't tour together. I've done a hell of a lot of touring. I've had enough of it."

MacGowan is currently recovering from a fall this past summer that fractured his pelvis. He says that he is still walking with the help of a crutch while the break heals.

The Pogues formed in 1982 and released their first album, Red Roses For Me, in 1984. Their popularity peaked with their third LP, 1988's If I Should Fall From Grace With God, which included the now holiday standard in the U.K., Fairytale of New York. They hit number 1 in the U.K. with The Irish Rovers with the Dubliners (1987 / #1) and, later in the year, with Fairytale.

Shane was fired from the band in 1991 but they continued on until their breakup in 1996. They came back together in 2001 with MacGowan and did occasional tours and special shows, but they never released another studio album.