Loretta Lynn on Her Career and Her Thoughts on Donald Trump Being the Next President

by Music-News.com Newsdesk

Billboard Women in Music's 2015 "Legend", Loretta Lynn opens up about her lasting role in music, her controversial music, who she listens to today, and who she thinks will be our next president.

On being on of the first women musicians to sing about 'the pill':
"Oh, yeah, you can call me your No. 1 you-know-what-kind-of stirrer. Always stirring stuff."

On why it was important for her to sing about these issues:
"Nobody had done it, for one thing, and I thought it should be done. A woman shouldn't be looked down on. There wouldn't be one on the way if it wasn't for a man, would there?"

On if she thinks she has opened the doors for female singers today:
"I think I have done quite a bit. I'm probably one of the girl singers who have helped other girl singers getting in the business, because it is harder for girls to get on labels and be out there."

On her first inspirations:
"Patsy Cline was one. I tried to sing just like Kitty Wells. (Laughs.) I never made it."

On who she listens to now:
"I love Miranda [Lambert]. Me and Miranda are close, and she's one of our country's best. I like Carrie Underwood."

She would rather write than sing:
"I'd rather write than sing. Writing always has helped me get through any trouble I had. After I got through writing a song about what was going on, I felt better."

On who she thinks will be our next president:
"I think Donald Trump is going to be our next president."

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